Project Management

According to IFLA, Digital conversion targets of 20,000 pages per year are realistic, with consideration of production loss in the initial six-month startup period.

However, Nanakshahi is working on its own yardstick, with a capability of digitizing more than 1,000 pages a day giving an output of approximately 30,000 pages per month, quality control checks and other standards remaining the same. This output is achievable when we are using single team, i.e., one remote controlled camera and two personnel, besides two additional people for quality check, further processing, metadata creation and storage.

With these standards in place, the team is utilized full time (regular eight working hours, for six days a week), and remains so through out the year, thus generating digital data continuously, giving an approximate output of 3,50,000 pages annually.

With a well trained and organized support staff to perform quality checks, post processing, and metadata (describing, categorizing, tagging) creation, we ensure maximum utilization of financial and human resources to achieve a good amount of high quality searchable data in shortest possible time, readily available for public through a server.