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Sikh Desktop Calendar The Nānakshāhī calendar was issued with the hope that it would fulfill the Sikh community's need for an independent, Gurmat-based calendar. Despite minute levels of appreciation, however, the calendar failed to achieve its intended objective. Currently, the Nānakshāhī calendar lacks popularity because the majority of Sikhs find it difficult to relate to and inconvenient to use. To popularize the calendar among the masses, a software - Sikh Desktop Calendar - has been developed. The program will help its users become acquainted with the twelve months in GurbāNī terminology by automatically opening up and flashing on the screen every time the computer starts. By bringing the calendar into daily use, the community would be able to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for GurbāNī, which is highly connected to the cultural realities of Pajāb. Bārahmāhā, a composition based on months from the Nānakshāhī calendar, is a good case in point. To familiarize Sikhs with their scripture and calendar, the software has been loaded with added features like original verses of Bārahmāhā from GurbāNī, its translation and Pajābī proverbs related to that month. Additionally a Sikh timeline has also been provided to learn the significance of dates in Sikh history. Committed to develop Sikh aesthetics, the Nānakshāhī trust hopes to further improve the software over time and make it more user-friendly and utility-oriented. Future options will include full calendar view, date conversion, diary organizer, and important event reminder. This software is dedicated to all those who fought and laid their lives in honor of Sikh principles. The Nānakshāhī trust appreciates design and research support from the Vismad Design ( and Sikh Research Institute (, respectively.

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